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Web Design
Netwave’s team of web designers are knowledgeable in designing attractive, professional websites that impress visitors to a site the first time they see it. We are experienced professionals in marketing clients to the world and reaching the intended target audience with our websites. We are based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee but serve clients all over the United States.

How do we know just what type of website to design for a specific type of client? How are we able to reach the intended audience? How can we design a website that will bring visitors back time and time again, unlike a "bad" website?

We can reach your intended audience with a professionally designed website that will present the image you desire, because we start learning what your wishes are. We learn who your intended audience is, what type of technology your audience uses, and gather any material available to know what is in your client’s mind. We will examine other websites you have found that you like or dislike. If a client does not know the Internet, we will examine other sites in the client’s field and ask the client for an opinion of those sites.

With our vast experience, we at Netwave Technology Solutions are experts in learning what a client wants. Many times a client may only have a vague idea of what he would like in a website, but we are able to draw more information and ideas out of them. They may know they do not like their logo, but they does not know what exactly what he wants. They may not like their company’s general image. We can help guide a client toward what they really wants, what may be in the back of their mind, but they are having trouble drawing it out.

We can help a client develop a logo, a corporate image, or the right corporate colors that he will be happy with. A potential client will like your website from the first time he sees it.

With each client we listen and learn, before we begin to design a website. The time we spend with a new client is time used effectively to help us design a website that will meet or exceed expectations. Imagination is our power, and we are experts in website and graphic design. We will show you a design sample and work with you until the design feels right.

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