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Voice over IP
With the increasingly fast evolution of technology, even the telecommunication industry is continually evolving. One of the recent developments in voice communications is the VoIP system or Voice over Internet Protocol system. This allows receiving and making calls through Internet Protocols and the result is cheaper telephone charges and elimination of any toll charges. It is slowly replacing the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) where calls are transmitted via the dedicated circuit switch system.

As with many new technologies, selecting a VoIP provider and solution can be very confusing. Netwave will assist in providing the right communication solutions that eventually will meet the needs and budgets of the whole organization. With a VoIP solution you can save up to 60% on your telephone bill while adding additional feature and services.

While the cost savings is nice, most businesses move to a VoIP solution for the features. The ability to implement a virtual receptionist, route calls to anywhere and have integrated voicemail and fax are some of the biggest requested features.

Below is a partial feature list:
• Auto-Attendant (IVR) • Voicemail (Sent to Email) • Music-on-Hold
• Day/Night Mode • Call Forwarding • Name Directory
• Web-based Control Panel • Intercom / Zone Intercom • Custom Caller IDs
• FindMe • Call Queues • Conference Calls
• Cell Phone Extensions • Fax to Email • Multiple Incoming Numbers

Using VoIP technology is quite helpful for any business as long as the right facilities and features are aligned with the company’s capability to utilize the VoIP system. You have a better chance of finding the right alignment by working with Netwave Technology Solutions.

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