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Virus Protection
In today's modern world, a virus is just not a single type of program anymore. Viruses can do things from deleting to data, to stealing it, to just trying to trick you into paying extra money to remove themselves from your computer. They are often are called a number of things from viruses to malware, and even spyware. But let's face it, they all can cause a small business owner downtime and lost revenue.

In the past it was normal to have one piece of software running on the computer to prevent viruses. In many cases this is not enough anymore. For anti-virus software to be the most effective, the software must know about the virus and then update a database to look for the virus on the computer its installed on. The flaw in this is, if you or your employees manage to get a virus before the database is updated then your computer and network is at great risk.

To help combat this problem, Netwave Technology Solutions puts into play protection across the network, that helps prevent this from happening. Our advanced firewall rules and settings help block known servers that provide viruses and spyware.

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