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Recent studies have shown that one in five workers telecommute in some form or fashion in a given week. Telecommuting has become a way for small business owners to hire top employees while allowing them to work from home or a remote location. By allowing these employees to work from their house, it often saves them money on commuting expenses, but for families often on day care fees. This often allows the small business owner to pay these employees a lower salary than would be required if they had to come to the office every day.

Telecommuters are often happier in the position in your company and therefore are more productive. Recent studies have shown an increase in work output to be as much as 50% or more. This is often due to the fact that telecommuters can do the work at their daily schedule. Most small business owners do not care at what time of the day the work gets done, as long as it's done by the set deadline.

Embrace remote employee practices with telecommuting. Not only does it keep a few cars off the road, but it may enable you to maintain a smaller office space, which turns into cost savings for you on rent, electricity and so much more! Collaboration tools such as video conferencing have developed quite a bit over the years and can help keep remote staff connected and engaged! If you bolster the speed and security of your remote network access for remote workers via virtual private network (VPN), working from home is just like being in the office.


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