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What is Spider Monkey? Spider Monkey is a script created exclusively by Netwave Technology Solutions to help with Longtail SEO results. So what is Long tail SEO? Long tail SEO are keywords that people put into search engines using less then common search phrases.

The hardest part of SEO is trying to figure out what terms your potential customers are using when searching via Google, Yahoo, etc. While there are tools that allow us to see the popular search terms based upon a given industry or topic, these typically only cover about 50% of the total searches. To find out the other 50% you have to constantly monitor your web stats and then try to select which terms you think are worth marketing towards. This is not only time consuming, but can get expensive targeting every search term ever used to find your website.

This is where SpiderMonkey comes into play. Our system automatically logs these search terms based upon search engine and paged linked to. It then creates links on that page, that the search engines spider pickup, raising your ranking for the keyword. This is done all automatically by our intelligent script.

Clients using SpiderMonkey have reported a 30 - 50% increase in website traffic after enabling the script on their website. For most clients SpiderMonkey is a onetime setup fee of $250.00*, with no recurring costs. Contact us today for more information.

* Websites with more then 30 pages that are not template based may cost more

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