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Security Analysis
IT Security Analysis is a service that examines and advises on the issues facing small businesses in today's market. We look at all known vulnerabilities, but also assess configurations and software to protect against future ones. Netwave Technology Solutions is constantly monitoring the announcement of security vulnerabilities and often have their customer's systems patched within 24 hours of such notices being released.

Security is more than just software. Netwave will assess your employees and their practices to ensure they are trained on what to look for when it comes to unusual things within the work place. This will not only protect them from unknowingly downloading viruses and spyware, but also protect them from socially engineered attacks and phishing schemes.

Netwave Technology Solutions takes great pride in saying that we have never had a company compromised after a security analysis and implementation of revised protocols and procedures. Contact us today to find out how we can you start protecting your company from the dangerous world.

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