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Remote Access
The one thing technology has proven is that in today's fast-paced world, you and your employees cannot always be physically in your office. In the past the ability to work remotely was slow, unreliable and caused more problems than it solved. Newer offerings in technology now not only make this a reality but can allow your employees to become more efficient while providing them secure access to the data and programs they need.

There is not one remote access solution that will work for all situations. By carefully analyzing your requirements and operating environment, Netwave Technology Solutions can develop a solution that works, is very cost-effective and is always security aware.

Whether you need direct access to computers in your office, or just access to the files on the server, we can provide a secure and reliable solution that will keep your employees fully connected to the rest of your office.

Netwave Technology Solutions often connects remote locations back to a central office to allow cost reduction on servers as well as allowing uniform data storage. This can ensure that all company files stay within your network and your control. The days of having employees copy files to USB thumb drives and providing a security risk of your company’s information can often be solved by a well-planned remote access solution.

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