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Reduce Paper
Reducing your paper usage in your small business can not only save you time, it can also save you money. When confronted with paper reduction, many small business owners think of only the cost of the paper directly. They are forgetting the associated costs of printing, storage, waste, etc. It has been estimated that single sheet of paper can cost a small business owner over $1 when all the costs are added up. The average small business employee uses around 8000 pieces of paper each year. Doing some simple math, you can see that paper reduction can not only be good for mother earth, but for your bottom line.

There are simple technologies that can reduce your paper consumption dramatically. While many of these solutions do require that your employees be retrained in the traditional processes, the end result can be beneficial for everyone.

The most common use of paper in a small business is printing for permanent records. This is a tried and true method that has been used for years. However, it is stricken with many problems. The first problem being the cost of paper and ink to physically print the pages out. Second, the cost of storing the pages in some type of filing cabinet or boxes. Not only do these take up valuable office space, they lead to the third problem of document retrieval.

With an electronic document scanning system, this one use for paper in a small business can be eliminated. Document scanning systems store the pages electronically and allow for easy search to retrieve a particular page as needed. This is only one simple way Netwave Technology Solutions can help you reduce your paper usage in your office. Contact us today to learn other methods.

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