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Mass Storage Solutions
When most companies talk about mass storage solutions, they are typically talking a SAN (Storage Area Network) device. While SANs definitely have their advantages, Netwave Technology Solutions does not usually recommend them for its small business clients. We instead will recommend a dedicated file server with multiple drives to provide a centralized and secure place for all your company files.

Using standard security protocols built-in to today servers and computers, we can provide detailed tracking on what files have been added, modified, or deleted to the server and by which user, with date and time stamping. Our systems also provide versioning, so even if the wrong file is modified or deleted, you can easily retrieve the last good copy.

With our system internal security is completely maintained. Users can only access the files they need to complete their job in their day to day activities. The system also ensures that company files are backed up, no matter what happens to a workstation or laptop.

Most employees do not want to think about backing up or maintaining file versions. Let Netwave Technology Solutions take control of your files and you will not have to worry when disaster strikes one of your workstations. We can have your files back in no time.

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