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Keyword Links
Netwave Technology Solutions uses a unique program to get the type of incredible results that cannot be found anywhere else. Instead of paying for each individual link on each website, Netwave offers a completely automated system that eliminates the need for reciprocal linking and manual link addition. Instead, the Netwave system works automatically to produce links that work.

The automated system delivers the effectiveness of one-way linking without the inconvenience of manual-edits or re-installing code. The links are automatically updated and placed on other sites. They can even be designed as invisible to consumers and website visitors while remaining accessible to search engine spiders for maximum hit generation.

Netwave also utilizes a content management system that allows the webmaster to select a keyword based on website content. The keyword is then encapsulated with relevant text and linked to the internal pages of the website. Furthermore, the code is also placed on the Home page of the website to further attract the search engine spiders which index and cache the website. The automated system used by Netwave mechanically updates this code each time the website is loaded and randomizes the order. This ensures the search engine spiders view the code as newly updated code and, thus, credit the site for an update.

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