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Internet Access
Without internet access your small business has no chance in competing in today's market. Email alone has become a primary form of contact for customers to communicate back to your business. It has been estimated that over 65% of people prefer to email over having a phone conversation.

Internet access also allows your employees to be able to do research, communicate with your vendors and download documents that have been placed on the web. The speed in which they can achieve these functions can often be done faster than over older technologies.

Not only are there many companies that you can get internet access from, but there are many different technologies. Selecting the right one for your business can be confusing, selecting the wrong one can cost you money, but also usability of other services. Many small businesses just call the local telephone or cable company and get whatever plan they recommend. By the time it's determined that this was not the best solution, they are locked into a contract and making changes causes additional charges and sometimes downtime.

While Netwave Technology Solutions does have partner companies it works with for internet service, we analyze the needs of your company and compare this to all available services to determine what will be best for your company.

Contact us today for more information on how we can save you money and improve performance of your internet access.

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