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Identity Management
When it comes to security, Identity Management is considered high value, but is often notoriously problematic to deploy. Because of its complexity, most small businesses completely ignore this when planning their security IT plan.

So what is Identity Management? It is the technological automation and enforcement of business policies and processes to manage the lifecycle of electronic credentials, entitlements authorization and compliance mandates. Lets translate to English, IDM automates and organizes your company userís logins so that employees are only given the permissions they need to perform their duties.

The number one reason to implement identity management is for the provisioning of new employees. With a clear IDM policy in place, new hires are give predefined roles to only the systems they need directly. This prevents someone in sales from having access to say admin policies accidentally.

The second reason for an IDM policy is for terminating employees. Making the decision to terminate an employee is hard enough, without having to worry about the recompressions that person might take upon being let go. IDM will help mitigate any security risks, because a clear policy will lock out an employee before they have the opportunity cause any damage to your systems or company.

An IDM can also allow you to track your employees' work flow. Most people think of email as a very private system, but courts have proved time and time again, that work email addresses are property of the company and not the individual. Because of IDM you can setup other systems that will tracks all aspects of a user, so that you are able to monitor emails, file access, etc.

Contact us today for a FREE consultation on how Netwave Technology Solutions can help you develop a comprehensive identity management policy.


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