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If your business is a direct service based business that needs to attract local customers, then GeoSEO can help you. GeoSEO was designed to help local business gain search engine rankings based upon their geographic location. GeoSEO works extremely well when potential customers search for your industry and include a city name or zip code within their search terms. This practice has become standard for many people as search results have become filled with spam and results in companies that are not near the client.

GeoSEO was designed knowing that search engines today feed on unique content on your website. Our database designed system places that unique content on your website talking about your services within local cities and zip codes. The end results then causes the search engine to return to this page within your website. Studies have shown that once a potential client visits one of these pages, they will then continue to browse your website.

Contact us today to learn more about GeoSEO and the one time costs in setting up this service. Unlike other SEO services, the only additional costs associated with this service come when you expand your markets.

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