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Domain Names
When you decide you need a website, there are a lot of factors to consider. Like choosing a website hosting company, your domain name is a very important decision. Your business will be synonymous with your e-commerce or other website or your blog as well as every other aspect of your online business. It can be very important to choose the right domain name. You want a domain name that everyone can remember. You want a domain name that tells your website visitors about your business and what they'll find when they visit your website.

Netwave not only will assist you in determining the best domain name for your business, we will also assist you in registering it. We also help facilitate the purchase of already existing domain names in a safe and secure way. With limited number of domain names available, sometimes the best solution is to purchase a domain name that has been registered by someone else. Many times these domain names are selling unreasonable prices, but Netwave has had great success in getting people to sell domain names for their true value, saving our clients money and headache of the negotiation process.

Netwave does not allow the general public to register domain names, if you need assistance in registering a domain name; we are more than happy to help. If you would like to register a domain on your own, please visit our sister company at: MadRooster.com

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