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Disaster Recovery Solutions
Disaster recovery can mean many things to an IT professional and small business. At Netwave Technology Solutions we think of this as more of a plan of action than anything else. With a well thought out plan you can give priority to those items that are most important in running your day to day operations.

A disaster recovery plan includes several different topics including but not limited to, virus protection, automated backup, security and data encryption and even theft prevention. With clear and concise steps in place, every employee will know what needs to be done if and when something happens. These steps will also help employees prevent potential disasters by helping them look for tell-tale signs.

At Netwave Technology Solutions we believe that disaster recovery and business continuity planning go hand in hand. Having the infrastructure to store business data is not sufficient if the company does not have the appropriate plans, processes and capabilities to get the business up and running again.

Let us help determine your levels of risks, the business and technical requirements and the organizational priorities that are needed to resume business as usual in the case of a disaster. Whether it be something as small as isolating a workstation that becomes affected by a virus or coming in on a Monday morning to find your office was broken into over the weekend, Netwave Technology Solutions will develop a clear and concise disaster recovery plan to get back up and running as soon as possible.

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