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Data Encryption
How secure is your data? Are you aware how simple it is to intercept data traffic and assemble that information into legible text or audio? Knowing and understanding this is the first step towards becoming a paranoid small business owner, and we believe a healthy portion of paranoia is an asset when dealing with your company’s files.

Data encryption is an advanced security tool to ensure the protection and confidentiality of your important information. Simply put, encryption means to put your data into a secret code in order to protect it from prying eyes. Only a person or a computer that knows the code will be able to understand the data. This is not new technology, codes have been used for 100 years to store and send sensitive information. Computers allow for codes to be much more complex than those used in the past. They also allow real time un-encryption by the people that need the information.

Encryption technology is available for both onsite and offsite storage, providing peace of mind and security for data regardless of where its located or what happens to it.

There is no "one glove fits all" when it comes to security and selecting the proper solution. Call Netwave Technology Solutions today for a security needs analysis today, so we can give you a complete picture of your current situation and what, if any, improvements should be made.


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