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Custom Web Applications
Your business is unique. You want your website to be uniquely yours. You need web applications that have been tailored to your business and website.

Some web development companies program or purchase a specific module and tailor each business website to that module. They make the business owners adapt to how the module works. This can mean a lot of headaches to the business owner as they try to change their established procedures to suit their new website. Many times a company will under-utilize their website because they get frustrated or confused with the new procedures and how the web applications have been implemented.

When we work on a web application for a new client, we sit down with our client and learn about how their company operates. Once we have this information, we can make suggestions on the best way to set up their website to work with their current business procedures. Our web applications are catered to their business's needs, instead of the other way around.

Our development methods help you budget for your web project. We list the tasks that you need your website to perform. Once we have a list of what you need, we prioritize the tasks and work on the most important aspects first.

Each task we build for your website is created as part of a module. We can work on your website as your budget allows instead of paying for your website in one lump sum. Once you are ready for the next part of your website, we can add the new module to your existing site. Your website will be constantly evolving as we work with you to tailor your website to your business's needs.

When choosing a company to work on your web applications, your choice is simple. You can choose web development company that offers one 'cookie cutter' solution for all of their clients. Or you can choose a company that custom programs the web solution that works with your business. The 'cookie cutter' solution may be cheaper up front. However, in the long run it will cost more than having Netwave tailor a web application to meet your company's method of doing things.

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