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Communication Offerings
Communication is critical to every business in today’s market. Clients will communicate you in many different ways, including Telephone, Email, and your website. Making you sure have the services you need is crucial to make sure you can communicate back with your customers, vendors and partners.

Typically services for business have been very expensive, but as technology advances, there are ways to reduce these costs for your company. Netwave Technology Solutions constantly researches new technologies and product offerings to optimize your communication costs.

Internet access is as must have in today’s business practices. Choosing the right internet provider and plan can be confusing for small business owners. Netwave has partnered with some of the premier internet providers available and can help you make sure you have adequate bandwidth and service, without paying for services you do not need.

Traditionally telephone service was only available from the “Baby” Bells. With the introduction of Voice Over IP, you no longer have to depend on these phone companies to provide your business with open lines of communication. These services also give a greater flexibility in configuration that was once only available with an expensive complex phone system.

Wireless phones and data plans are have become important for employees that need conduct business outside the office. Netwave can analyze your needs and invoices to help recommend service that help your outside staff perform their duties to their fullest.

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