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Backup Solutions
At Netwave Technology Solutions, one of our top priorities is to make sure that your company’s information is securely backed up and a regular schedule that makes sense for your business.

Local Backup System
Local backups usually take place more often than any other type of backup due to a speed and availability issue. These types of backups help protect from accidental file deletion as well as hard drive failure. The problem with local backups is they are susceptible to the same environmental conditions as the original files. Things such as power surges, acts of mother nature, or even theft can make these backups useless. While we at Netwave Technology Solutions always recommend a local backup system because of the ease of restoring files and the low cost, we do not recommend this be your only solution.

Remote Backup Service
With a remote backup solution your files are stored off-site and away from your business. Netwave Technology Solutions has researched multiple different ways to provide you a way to securely and safely backup your files away from your office, so that you protect your data backup from the downfalls of local backup.

There are two main types of remote backup services offered. The primary sends your data to a secure server in a data center normally located hundreds of miles away. This protects almost against all types of acts of mother nature, as the chances for storms (Tornados, Hurricanes, etc) happening in both places at once are slim to none. The second type also works well for small business owners. Netwave Technology Solutions has developed a small system that allows the owner of the company to carry a small device home with them to their personal house and plug it into their own personal internet connection. This then allows an off-site backup to be available very quickly if needed as well as providing the business owner a piece of mind that their data is always within their complete control. The downside to this system is, if the business owner lives close enough to their office, this backup could be in jeopardy with a large enough storm or weather incidents.


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