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Access Control
Access control is more than about locking doors and preventing access to systems. The key to access control is accountability of your employees. With proper systems in place, you can not only restrict staff members to the information they need, you can also tell when they last accessed the information. Netwave Technology Solutions offers access control strategies that are both user-friendly and extremely dependable while providing superior integration; they also take advantage of the latest technologies to prevent abuse.

When you mention access control, many consulting companies assume you just want keycards or biometric systems to lock doors. Today's access control needs to be implemented company wide. Not only should access to sensitive information be controlled, but access to physical company files, as well as computer data all needs to be tracked for accountability.

At Netwave Technology Solutions, we understand your needs as a small business owner and can work with you to plan an access control package that will protect your company, but also maintain your budget. Most systems are very affordable to implement and can add to that piece of mind you need in your security plan.


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